Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shenandoah Mountain Trail

The Tour took to one of the biggest days of racing in its recent history yesterday as the timed section up Camp Georgia Hollow was replaced with a super delux singletrack double hitter. The climb up Braley Pond (Big Ridge), the descent down Bridge Hollow, the climb up Road Hollow, and the boogie on Shenandoah Mountain Trail to the regroup at Confederate Breastworks was smokin sweet.  Tour participants didn't even know that they were riding their bikes on the soon to be famous Great Eastern Trail Bicycle Route.
The Parade section from the Breastworks to Benson run was dream town. The Mountain Laurel blooms were still looking delicious, the ferns soft and lovey', and the cat tails were magically tempting.  
The competition was awesome. Chas Michaels Michaels melted down like we all knew he would. Fawley had blown him off his wheel on the Benson Run restart which obviously caused Chas to crumble like Hansel's bread crumbs and then get all saucy in his devastated state like Gretel. The real contenders were rocking steady as Drew Scharnister rolled clear Dirty D pushed hard in pursuit with JMacadoodle, JVLawrence, Pokarockitavich and Timmy D rolling clear. The storms that pounded the ridge melted down JVLawrence while Fawley crushed JMacadoodle in the Super D and Dirty D and Timmy D rolled back up to the front displaying their domination on the Shenandoah Mountain Trail.  

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