Saturday, January 21, 2012

About to return to Vela Baja! Is the Sierra La Laguna Mountains epic bicycle crossing gonna happen again..? It was brutal. and amazing!

One of the hardest adventure of my lifetime. Never has one day taken and given back so much. Riding from coast to coast over the 6,000 range was unreal. Todd Simmler had the ability to sniff out the way. We couldn't find any GPS tracks or any "real" maps in our research. From all we know the route has not been bicycled before. It is kinda neat to think we did the first crossing of Baja with bicycles on this route. If you have any info about others doing this please share it with us via -

After watching some of the video I shot during the crossing recently, I am feeling like this needs to be done again. The video doesn't show any of the soul crushing hike a bikes in route to the La Laguna. The La Laguna is a dry lake bed in the center of the Sierra La Laguna Mountains. It is like a mystic oasis. Never could one image while climbing up and over some of the crazy steep and sharp ridges that it would culminate with a flat desert like area as the summit.  Ok, well, we did not go up the side trail to Sierra La Picacho which is just over 7,000 ft. - ouch! We had to ball it down to Todos Santos before dark. And I was waaaay out of water by then.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beautiful Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Ride

What a great sunrise on the way back in town from the Thursday am bicycle ride! Hugo was drilling it today!

Gotta get out and ride whenever you can, the spring classics are coming SOON!

Have you heard of the Rough Roubaix?...
you will soon!