Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jimmy McPoodle

he led me into my neck snapping tire flatting rock on the uphill on thursdays road stage
just after i towed him back onto the freight train
friday i reignited him on narrowback by talking him back to life
then i towed him back up to jvlawrence on a screaming fast rolling down section
some downhill interval work
yes, it kinda put me over the top
and he rolled off and away to the front
he claimed the narrowback section
well, just look at him....
do i feel sorry for him and that is why he is crushing me...?
is he just insane and this is the way it is going to be
last year in the shenandoah mountain wv reddish stage
he tried to bridge up to me on the rt. 250 descent
he couldn't hold it and slider' into the rail right in front of an oncoming car
what will happen today....

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