Monday, July 6, 2009

Bother Knob ..imagine the Tour rolling though this..!!


It was awesome! The final stage of the Tour d' Burg is full tilt. Riding this amazing trail with 30 of your now closest buddies (because you have spent 5 days riding with them) is just plain dreamy.


Wish I could have snapped some pics while riding this time. But I was trying to sit on with a pretty zippy bunch of chaps. Drew was drilling it, Fawley was covering it, Jimmy was falling apart, Keefer was moving well, Kyle was looking better then the previous day, and Thomas wouldn't let me slip away.


Bother Knob is a rarely used section of Shenandoah Mountain Trail. Yet another section of our super amazing Great Eastern Trail Bicycle Route that passes through Virginia.


These pictures are from a SVBC trail work day on June 20th. We cleared some dead fall, cut back some brush, and flush cut some scary looking stumps. Yea HA!

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