Monday, July 13, 2009

Iron Mountain 100K - NC rocks the race

Looks like North Carolina reigned over VA and TN on a super fun backcountry route in Mount Rogers National Recreation. Damascus, Virginia not only has one of Virginia's favorite trails, the Creeper trail, but it is also centraly located amoung some of the best singletrack the Southern region has to offer.


  1. Chris where are the results? and did any one get an accurate GPS with elevation? Seemed to be allot of climbing! Thanks for the Bolt was some extra security when I was putting weight on the crank on the off camber goodness. Great race and support and better marked then I thought it would be.

  2. i thought the file would attach with a link
    had to send from my phone
    obv. it didn't work
    lots of climbing, heck YES!
    a bit over 8000
    my georgia tour pal Kelly has the numbers for me
    won't be posted them for a few

    here come the results