Saturday, January 30, 2010

A bit of Baja - still have a few days of the goodness!

Good times, HUGE mountains, amazing travels!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bicycle Adventure on Virginia's section of the Great Eastern Trail

The Highland Retreat is a great HQ to base your Carr Mountain Trail Build day from

Always amazing in the Criders/Bergton area - Shenandoah Mountain is off in the distance

It does get quite narrow when the road turns into Fr. 232

A church is always a great navagational tool - almost always an icon on the map

This store on the corner is home to a wealth of local history and knowledge

Snake Hollow brings you up the backside towards Whitegrass Knob
This is actually the area where Chipper created his "Whitegrass" dream

Left turn is Fr. 232 - right side is a dead end

It is private property all around, but is the road?

Is this really the deal - help me out here?

Is this where the hostility comes from?


The Turners is on the right, please stay left on Fr. 232

Nice idea

This little bear likes it too!

Nice of the locals to make this warming fire for me

I am so excited that we have 150 miles of this amazing trail in Virginia's George Washington National Forest that is prime bicycle trail. Only a tiny section that is not currently open to bikes (7 miles) in the Ramsey's Draft Wilderness Area. Carr Mountain Trail is still yet to be finished. That is why I went out for this great ride on Carr Mountain's parallel route Fr. 232. It's a great ride up onto Shenandoah Mountain. We just have to sort the access issue. Yes, it may not be a United States Forest Service (USFS) access through-road for motorized users. But it is a access through-road for non-motorized users. Huge props to the Turners for keeping their nice section of road clean, and putting in the trash barrel. Looks like Mr. Bear
is checking it often. I am guessing it is some of the other neighbors that are putting up the threatening posts about access. Bummer! Time to get this straight because it could be a few years until the Carr Mountain trail takes us high and dry above these folks and their "private" road.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Shenandoah Valley Evening Bicycle Ride

Got out for a quick one just before dark
Was able to multi-task while on the bike
Time is short these days
Sooo many things to do
Sooo little time!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bicycling the Shenandoah Valley

Did a great slow ride into Rockingham County before dark
Carp had some business to finish
Snows melting in the bright sunlight
Great wispy clouds in the clear sky
The gravel is firm and rolling well
Sun is dipping with a nice flow
Massanutten is getting all lit up in the distance
Cool sundog directly over Mole Hill
The Bike Lane (paved shoulder) is really nice to have on Rt. 42
Missed this shot of the bike lane, it woulda been cool!