Sunday, November 29, 2009

C&O Canal is such a great place to bicycle

got out for a sweet 4 some hours with Chris Mcgill on Saturday
we went in to check out how the foof does it at cyclelife in Georgetown
pretty darn nice operation - super delux actually
I will have to stop in there and try a smoothie one day soon

was really good to see James Kelly and Mary Dean out exploring
sounds like they were having a really special weekend together

can't wait to hear how the 4 hr ride affected Mr. Mcgill's cross race
- OUCH!!
the dirty dozen would have wrecked him more
specially when you factor in the 8 hrs of driving
and having to hang out with Gunnar too
that has to be a huge mental drain..!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Moon shines on DC while the wind bursts on me and the Potomac River, the clouds catch the last few bursts of sunshine

Got out for a sweet spin around the burbs and into DC
Stopped in on Jason Berry working on the next Gripped Films video
Ran into Emily out rolling on the Custis trail
Got some cold feet as the temp dropped with the sun

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mike Carpenter the founding father who got SMT off the ground rides up Shenandoah Mountain towards his 2nd run (Carp has more 6pk victories then anyone to date)

Carpong rolled into this one with a clear weekend
So far he just claimed the uni's victory
one of the few events in town that he has not dominated
Joel was running away with it
I was expecting Kyle to challenge Mike and I
Pat Miller was giving a good charge
eventhough I slowed him twice
Timmy's beer training served him well for the podium
Martin claimed the 2nd spot with some foofmoves
I was sooo close to something
maybe next time
Joel was king of shread
Carpong took the victory!

Jamie Keehner a founding father of SMT climbs above the clouds in the snow (yes, this is on the east coast) towards his 2nd run in the Invitational DH

The only question left to answer is.... how were both of his runs?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

took the new dancing shoes out for a sweet ride - full moon - black bear - skinny tires on dirt roads!

What a sweet full moon it was
the little black bear was a bit sluggish to take for cover
i had to give him a hollar
something about being a little more urgent if he wanted to  live a healthy long life