Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Road Touring in the Shenandoah Valley - even the locals get in the miles!

bishop gave me this helmet last week
i was using my climbing helmet because it is more adjustable
he thought i look like a dork
i always look like a dork
i made his really nice trek helmet look dorky today
anything to stay warm
function over form for me!

that is Mole Hill over yonder

looking back east towards town and Massanutten

this guy was riding home from school
maybe a Mennonite youngster
maybe just a farmer
you can tell riding his bike is a huge part of his life

i had to stop and take in this view

jr. started putting the drop on me

looking north west towards whitegrass

jr. is almost out of sight

heading up the backside of Mole Hill

looks like snow in WV

dropping over the hump that is Mole Hill to the east
I was able to get in 1 hour out in the Valley
Dreamcicle...shiney and scenic!
Good to share the roads with other cyclists
VDOT needs to remember that roads are for travel
not for cars
travel by any mode
The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for building, maintaining and operating the state's roads, bridges and tunnels.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to plan, deliver, operate and maintain a transportation system that is safe, enables easy movement of people and goods, enhances the economy and improves our quality of life.
-this says nothing about cars, the focus is movement of people, doesn't matter why you go where you go or by what mode you choose to use

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  1. Haha, no joke man when your cold your cold.

    bEn KuNkLe