Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Virginia Long Distance Trail Network - Connecting Our Commonwealth

A great list of folks and organizations that have contributed

A great promotional idea

The concept is very good

Thanks to everyone for contributing to this!!

Brought to you by the Virginia Greenways and Trails Task Force
Oct 21, 2009
Big bummer that we didn't have direct/specific mtb representation on this
But it is more disapointing that we didn't have a huge trail agenda to contribute

IMBA has a MOU with Virginia State Parks to work together
I represent IMBA regionally
Hopefully you represent IMBA too
Why weren't we working on this?
Why wasn't I working on this?
Are mountain bicyclists only reactionary?
We have to organize better together to represent our statewide opportunities

The draft of the VA Trail Networking promo brochure looks great
Except it does not have a picture of a mtb'er on singletrack
I will send them this comment
A tiny bit of contribution from my end
How can you contribute?

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