Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trail Dynamics hooked Douthat up!

this old trail is now closed
this is where the old trail used to come up the creek from the main road
looks very nice
this is a re-route of a bad alignment just above the previous section
the northermost top of Mountain Top Trail
you can't really see the trail going off to the left
you can just see the 30 foot dead end trail straight ahead

Misty struggles on one of the tight switchbacks on Mountain Top Trail heading south
Trail Dynamics did a great job fixing Beards Gap Trail
a great trail prior and post work
it just didn't look like it was going to be as easy to solve the issues
Ed and the crew are masters of doing it right - thanks!!

this is a State Park boundary marker that was much further east of Beards Gap then I thought the boundary could be.. room for trail in the park that could connect too....
This is the upper reaches of the Claylick Draft road bed
It vanishes after this point
Turns into an faint animal path as it climbs to the gap
Its a very cool open mountain side on this slope
Huge old growth trees create a dreamy canopy
Hitchers from the bushwhack
Yes, they started to drive me nuts after an hour of poking me with every movement
Trail Dynamics really solved some troubles on the trail system at Douthat State Park. Still some things to do - like connect the east side of Beards Gap with Claylick Draft so you can get back into the park to use the first rate camping and cabin facilities after riding Beards Mountain North out of the park. There is an old road bed that gets very high up Claylick Draft about 200 vertical before Beards Gap - good stuff!!

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