Sunday, September 20, 2009

Todd Bauer is amazed as he rides the scenic Beards Mtn. Trail above the Cowpasture River just north of Douthat State Park

Todd Rolls the ridge

Jonathan Wheaton is digging the pristine singletrack

Larry Cautilli deep in the remote backcountry

Rich Cobb in the high meadows along Beards Mountain

Jason Stoner tends to his sheep from the river bank

A beautiful post ride swim!
Under this cool bridge

Misty in the deep clear cool water

MORE el Presidente' Jason Stoner brought his pals out for a sweet ride into the Beards Mountain Potential Wilderness Area. They rode from Douthat State Park north into the George Washington National Forest and along Beards Mountain before dropping off the east side to the swinging bridge over the Cowpasture River on the Walton Tract. What a great place to finish a ride!


  1. Nice lookin' stuff there,
    and nice to see Cautilli out gettin some big mountain action

  2. I agree, it was nice to see Cautilli out!!