Monday, April 6, 2009

The "Tail" was soooo sweet, that the "Tale" has become an instant "Classic"

Jeff Schalk has done his preperation again for 2009 - as he blasted the course right quick!

Carp and Kyle played out a nice memorable finish as Kyle's cramps let Mike rip the final singletrack uncontested for 3rd.

Dirty D came through like a champ after doing trailwork all day prior to the event.

Misty Tilson rode herself hard all day for victory while Whitney March overcame some bike issue to make it to the finish in 2nd place

Nice work everyone!! - Brock, Aimee, Ben, Anne, Skip, Doc George, Debbie, Jeff, Ryan, Mike, Kari, Adam and last but not least Charlie Sloss for the wonderful area to hang out all weekend on Craigs Creek. Huge props to the local shops East Coasters and Just the Right Gear for getting together and providing participants one of the most tasty post race beverages we could have hoped for and for rewarding the key volunteers with some shop credit for helping to pull the event together to showcase the trails and the cycling community to all.

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