Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great Eastern Trail

This weekend is the Great Eastern Trail build on Carr Mountain. My bike club the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition is heading out to assist. We have Rich Edwards of IMBA Trail Solutions who has advised on route layout coming out with us too. We also have Terry Slater from our local USFS office coming out to volunteer on his own time because he thinks this project is so neat - how cool it that!
Tom Johnson of the PATC has his brain trust attending as well. Mark Gatewood who maintains most of the trails in the Ramsey's Draft Wilderness area and Lloyd MacAskill who is one of the GET visionaries and a long time PATC workaholic.
The Carr Mountain trail looks to be a wonderful section of the GET Bicycle Route as it develops. I think it will be looking as amazing as this section of the GET Bicycle Route does on the County Line Trail about 50 miles north of Carr Mountain. Carr Mountain Trail is one of 2 missing segments in the central section of this already ridable 150 mile section of the GET Bicycle Route.  

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