Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Adventure on Lookout Mountain

Yep, I am a summer solstice baby
some folks say that explains a lot about me
It is always such an energizing time for me!!

Thomas got me out early for a super worthy cause for our local club - SVBC
Check out the goodness on the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition Blog

Got up at 4:20 and split for the woods at 5:30 with Thomas and Winzey

Rode 2 miles up the mountain
Stashed the bikes
Put on the trail shoes and the bushwhacking clothes and starting walking the sidehill around Lookout Mountain
Amazing sights to be seen deep in the remote backcountry of the George Washington National Forest where only animals roam
Huge wonderful old growth oaks dominating the overstory
Cool sections of table mountain pine along rocky ledge noses jutting out into the skyline
Before dropping off to the North River Gorge far below
Super large school bus size boulders with the greenest of lichen, moss and ferns
Scree fields that open up the views over towards Little Bald Knob and Reddish Knob
Then we hiked back thought it again
Taking yet another amazing route that may have never seen humans before today
Saddled up on the bikes and cruised back down the mountain
Back at work....and feeling great about it!

From Lookout Mountain Trail Layout - SVBC RTP Grant #2

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