Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shenandoah Valley spring storms make great route choices!

amazing sky today

I wanted to go huge over Shenandoah Mountain from town
Rough Run is such a sweet route
and then back over again via Rt. 33
I had the gear bagged and sealed - jacket and gloves
but I had to turn and dodge north
the storms were looking a bit powerful
met up with Jack and John while at the crux
got in some nice additional miles with them
we kept nice and dry for the rest of the ride
while surfing the tailwind back to town

north west looks ok
west looks sketchy
beautiful, but sketchy
nice little pockets of mountain goodness
wet roads dry me
wet me and raining good
feels great!
the Rough Run area looks rough
pedal forward into a new plan
north east is looking safe
Jack and John were looking for dry roads too
beautiful views towards Massanutten
Jack carves the dreamy roads
John is happy he didn't cancel his ride
the contrast is amazing!

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