Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A great 1 hr road ride with Carpenter, talking bicycle advocacy!

Just what the doctor ordered

A bit of the Great Eastern Trail discussion
Some of the SVBC DCR Recreational Trail Grant chatter
Our yearly statewide mountain bike meeting
GW National Forest Management Plan Revision meetings about to resume
How much trail can we maintain?
VA's Recreational Use Statute modifications - railroads indemnified!
Virginia's Interstate 81 Freight Rail Study issued for public comment
SVBC SuperBowl ride and fundraiser weekend in Hburg Feb 6-7
IMBA's RLAC meeting and how to expand the resources and dial in the focus
Richmond MORE's Fundraiser on Feb 27th
VA's HB 2088 stating that no Rail Enhancement Funds (REF) be used for access when it seems that should be one of the major uses of this fund as it would benefit communities to have safer crossing of railroad tracks to trail systems, river put in's, and ball fields.

Mike wishes I wouldn't have bombarded him with these issues
But it's been the only thing I have worked on since Sunday night at 8 pm
And I needed his help making sense of it all

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the JRPS ride & fundraiser. Thanks for all the work that you guys do, it always shows in a big way. BTW: I plan to have a small pony keg in tow during the Super Bowl ride. I'm hoping to get $1 a drink (w/that cash going to SVBC) out of some folks that bring some re-usable cups. Small thing but worth a shot.